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What are the alternatives for increasing healthy life expectancy than the 100-year-old age life extension? 1988 first discovered 30 years to hundreds of thousands of research papers have poured Currently there is continued out more than one million articles per year There are materials which can increase the healthy life.

Just a miracle substance nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide is a substance that has been the longest study of single substances humanity studies.

But nitric oxide is produced in our body immunity poor production decreased get older It revealed that aging is in progress and various viral diseases.

Alternative nitric oxide to increase healthy life expectancy How can you buy 100% nitric oxide fills the 100-year-old age? Suddenly, the people fall unconscious The blocked blood vessels.

The resulting sudden death, stroke, myocardial infarction The vessels are clogged.

What is the identity of a blood clot blocking a blood vessel plaques us? Clogged blood vessels critical lifeline of our body sends signals over The risk is now a valuable pathway No.

1 cause of death in the world is a cerebrovascular disease.

Often it occupies as much as 30% of all deaths.

So why do so many people fall lest the heart and blocked the blood-brain? Blood is the most important organ influencing the sudden death of an adult after 40.

Hyperlipidemia and clog the blood vessels Diabetes and blood pressure and makes the blood vessels to burst, rust destroy the vessel wall.

Failure to effectively control the three-time Golden catastrophic brain, cardiovascular system will inevitably be destined Basic Health is a hundred years does not seem premature death.

And to live a healthy life until you do.

We have studied various ways to a healthy blood vessels before very long.

Blood vessels of the People The example produces the same core or bad cholesterol compounds are piled clots age.

This occurs when the blood can not flow properly, the disease And even sometimes the death or paralysis to stroke the blood vessels bursting.

1979 United States UCLA Medical School of Pharmacy Professor Louis Ignarro nitrogen oxide in the blood vessels (NO · Nitric Oxide) Until he found no one did know the importance of vascular health I had not found a solution that can keep blood vessels healthy.

After long research professor yigeunaro 1986 Nitric oxide in the body to extend the blood vessel and Lack of nitric oxide is blocked vessels Found that causes various diseases.

1992, Nitric oxide was named "molecule of the year" by the American Scientific Association.

And In 1998, the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to the discovery of the role of nitric oxide as a signaling molecule.

What is the identity of the red ball and blue ball? The right formula of nitric oxide NO.

Nitric oxide is produced 10 times as much as the increase in heart rate when exercising.

Which it is produced mainly when in endothelial nitric oxide is produced as the expansion vessel Wonhwalhaejyeo circulation can prevent cardiovascular disease.

Nitric oxide (NO) is called magic molecule.

However, nitric oxide has the limitations of the study because the gas molecules to disappear in seconds.

Nitrogen oxides are mainly produced in the vascular endothelial cell layer covering the inner surface of the blood vessel.

Nitric oxide relaxes the blood vessels in the nature that is created within our body.

Blood vessels consist of smooth muscle surrounding the flow passage and flowing.

When the muscle relaxes blood vessels when blood vessels expand and contract's tight It plays an important role of nitric oxide relaxes.

This also prevents the blood coagulation is caused thrombosis simnoe prevent disease.

Therefore, blood clots such as heart attack, stroke, cerebral hemorrhage occur or It is possible to prevent an accident caused the blood vessel narrowing.

In addition, by increasing the immune function in the brain and improve memory, A material that is capable of the prevention of dementia.

However nitric oxide produced in the human body drops with age, the generation capacity.

Research should not only half the age of 40 when compared to the age of 20 For women who are not 50 years old when nitric oxide levels are only 35% when 20.

After 70 years and only 10% remains.

At this time, to raise the levels of nitric oxide understand well the state of your body and To load a value, it is necessary efforts.

Exercise and dietary intake of foods that contain nitrates which becomes more important than that time.

Since the discovery of nitric oxide of nitric oxide research is still in progress, and There are hundreds of thousands of cases out pouring over research papers annually.

Now then do some really amazing nitric oxide function in our body? The first is cardiovascular regulation.

Nitric oxide is a good blood flow in the human body as a strong blood vessel relaxants and I control blood pressure Hypertension, cardiovascular effects for patients are itjyo The second function of the nitrogen oxide is inflammatory and immunomodulatory capabilities.

Nitric oxide has the ability to kill pathogens such as bacteria or viruses suppress the inflammatory response The third refers to the role of neurotransmitters.

Nitric oxide is also clinical applications for Alzheimer's patients.

The fourth feature is the anticoagulant response.

This prevents the blood vessels that stenosis, or narrowing occurs again It serves to inhibit thrombus generation Alternative nitrogen oxide in 100 three times to increase the healthy lifespan.

But I'd say difficulties So how can we create a lack of nitric oxide made? There is a method of generating nitric oxide are four exercise, sunshine, food, supplements, etc.

The production of nitric oxide increases greatly when the first aerobic exercise.

Nitric oxide is impregnated and Kerala smooth muscle surrounding blood vessels to relax example, blood flow in the blood vessel wall.

Two jjoemyeon a second sun in our body, nitric oxide is produced.

The third method is inde ingesting food through the The problem is that the beef 1kg, fish 1kg, through a watermelon to eat every day.

But modern people are practicing the three above are the practical difficulties.

Ingesting supplements in order to fill it and although This lack efficacy to those who caused the resistance of the vascular endothelial cells.

That the company can make up all the nitric oxide you meokgiman Found developed a natural nitric oxide drinks.

The drink has also been recognized by the world as well as Korea.

Before the development of nitric oxide in the world through these healthy foods are less so handful.

This is because the life of the nitric oxide Following a limitation in the research and development for it shorter.

But the development of fermented foods is representative HtO cheonhyeonsu 10 years ago, It is a very surprising finding in the course of research.

Cheonhyeonsu one representative of garlic in food It was patented by fermentation, using microbial fermentation How to immobilize the body produce nitric oxide in the number of patents were concentrated in forestry applications.

Garlic fermented with selected governmental and non-clinical tasks patented technology Has undergone clinical at the National University Hospital and National University College of Medicine, It was published in the prestigious Journal of sci papers in international academic.

So nitric oxide supplements michilkka affect our physical body? It was confirmed by various experiments.

To the participants after the intake of nitrogen oxides natural fermented it decided to change that.

Participants are the people who received the alert to one or more of the usual health checks at border entry levels.

Bakjinwon 26-year-old blood vessel health health index -6 type B pulse Average Average 67 Yijinsol 24-year-old blood vessel health health index +9 type B pulse Average Average 75 Healthy blood vessels corrector 52-year-old health care index +9 even type C average heart rate 65 Vascular Health Index is safe from -30 to +5 More than +6 to +20 +20 boundary is a condition that requires medical risk professionals.

After ingesting the nitric oxide was measured in the fermentation broth after 30 minutes the blood vessel health index once again.

The bodies of the participants how what changes have occurred? Nitric oxide is fermented Will it make a difference in their vascular health? All participants took part in the experiment were good vascular health index The pulse was fast became a type of blood vessel health is normal.

In particular, the higher the value before the test results are shown to decrease significantly.

The broth has had a good effect on blood pressure and blood of all the applicants.


jeonghogi find a clinic several times a year.

He has severe hypertension.

Kim Soo-mi, Professor of Medicine, Chonbuk National University team is working on how it affects nitric oxide in the blood vessels.

Currently the hottest topic in the medical market is nitrogen oxide Nitric oxide is known as a substance which can relax the blood vessel inner wall is expanding the artery Helping the fluid flow of blood This vasodilation is supplying balanced nutrients throughout the body and maintain a stable blood pressure, The immune system has been called up as a Material Pull me dream.

Study on the nitric oxide is present in the world There are hundreds of thousands of papers are published MED (US National Library of electronic medical) also carried the papers 130 005 cheonpyeon.

Prevention of various diseases, including heart disease and jimyeo found to be overcome, Interest in the medical market for nitric oxide has not kkeunyijil.

The representative find the Bacillus bacterium is Bacillus subtilis cloth called cheonhyeonsu Set to register a name.

Bacillus bacteria do not die well in a very strong vitality temperatures.

When Bacillus bacteria are multiply protease is created This enzyme is excellent acts to dissolve blood clots.

Representative cloth is within the living body to deliver the nitric oxide in the body throughout The application of nitric oxide storage and delivery method.

Extracting glutathione (glutathione) in garlic stabilize the nitric oxide.

Natural pledge 'is a natural non-chemical nitric oxide drinks.

Efficiently utilize the antioxidant of glutathione (glutathione) To produce a natural beverage with no side effects.

The nitric oxide produced by the enzyme in vivo, such as glutathione Sulfide is passed through the stored material to a position that requires.

Extracting glutathione, a natural substance in the fermentation broth of garlic As well as the role of nitric oxide supplements added reliability and durability.

So the body has michilkka affected? Bakjinwon Mr.

strive for everyday health care.

The steady movement base.

Accidentally started drinking the broth.

S body did hardly better believe that because the broth back to normal.

She was taking the place of usual water fermentation broth diluted with water steadily After taking to the fermentation broth to Mr.

bakjinwon was the experiment to determine whether the body temperature The result is positive.

As a result of measuring a body temperature of Mr.

Park 2 also it rose.

The reason cheonhyeonsu HTO representatives pledged as natural decide the name of the company, It is to keep the promise to write only natural materials.

This commitment is also not just a personal belief that the promise of the world.

HTO own technology for nitrous oxide is 2013 Canada Health Fair and Expo Milano 2015, etc.

It was subjected to the attention of the world as well as the Chinese market North America and Japan has been sending love calls from around the world.

When the exchange 40 of nitric oxide is reduced to 50% If the nitrogen oxide is reduced with age increases the risk of high blood pressure and vascular damage.

Nitric oxide in our body drops to 50% after 40 70 does remain in the body and that is what aging is only 10% Ten years ago, I think I want to put it back in time 20 years ago.

If anyone saw a middle-aged at least once will take this wish.

100 approached three times in a dream, not reality We all interests are indeed even 100 years out of the sickness I wonder to enjoy a healthy life.

Baraman can not see that aging is coming gradually decreases nitrogen oxide.

To fill the nitric oxide in the body To eat the nitric oxide supplements are not 100% full.

In Korea, the average life span of 81.

9 years healthy life expectancy is 70.

7 years.

This should be the minimum for more than 10 years compared with the life byeongchire A very bad phenomenon.

The period ahead is likely to suffer from a disease likely to increase further.

Nitric oxide in the body within three to 100 times the habit to fill 100% If we keep the health of the 100-year-old age healthy life expectancy it can be assured sufficiently.

VITAL will buy a hundred years old will buy a golgol hundred years.

Now your body tells you the answer to the signal.