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While focusing on international air campaignAleppo city, another activity is said silently over can change the course Syria According to news site Independent October2, the Turkish army led troops, including 1,000 special task, the same weapons and vehiclesto Syria to establish a safe zone.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan saidthis campaign is part of "The Shield Euphrates" in order to establish a safe zone.

This areacovers an area of 900km sq, no shadow organization Islamic State (IS) and claiming to be extendedgradually to the south.

Turkey is expected to increase the area up area of 5,000km square.

America and the West are opposing Turkey madea safe zone inside Syria.

This is not the first time a military operation"Shield Euphrates" Ankara has led to conflict with Washington.

Turkish troops have attackedKurdish forces, US allies in the fight against organized IS despite Washington warned notto do so.

Turkish troops outside the town is closedwith force Manbij Free Syrian Army (FSA).

They prepared to expel the militants SyrianDemocratic Forces (SDF) out there after SDF occupied it from the hands of IS.

Turkishofficials discuss even crossed the Euphrates River to cope with "enemies" of Kurds.

The next target of the war against IS in Syria'sRaqqa, considered the stronghold of this organization.

However, Turkey made clear would only participatein this campaign if US forces pushed out the Kurds.

"If the US wants to regain Raqqa in cooperationwith the Kurdish forces, we will not participate in the campaign.

If they ignore this force,we will join the United States" – President Erdogan announced recently.

This leader alsocriticized the US for not forgetting support Kurds.

Despite pressure from Ankara, WashingtonUSA until now still see the Kurds as the core of the campaign against IS.

In a related development, National Assemblyof Turkey on 1-10 through 1-year extension of the army decided to allow sending troopsabroad.

This decision was made in 2014 and was extendedfor one year in May 9-2015.

The vote on also allowing foreign forces touse air bases and Turkish territory against the IS, the Kurdish parties and forces thatAnkara considered terrorism.