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Today a major impact news.

It came down from her seat.

The impeachment of President Park Geun-hye has been caught up in corruption scandals South Korea voted in the National Assembly.

President Park is an official stop was provisionally withdrawn.

Now it's just a final decision of the Constitutional Court.

Today, let's focus on dealing with impeachment vote by post.

Celia haeteun BBC News Asia editor came out on the spot.

Open mass protests of the past few weeks the people haetneundeyo pressure on the resignation of President Park.

Today getneyo response did awesome.


of course.

As soon as the news heralded the impeachment vote in parliament vote was a festive atmosphere in the streets in Korea.

Some vendors are also one place that sparkles sale to celebrate it after the impeachment vote.

Situation in South Korea over the past few weeks has been developed very dramatically.

But why President Park did not voluntarily resign? Meanwhile, President Park Geun-hye is the person known as the queen of political elections in South Korea.

President Park is because the strong figures in the political strategies.

So far beotyeoon it will also show a good strong characteristics in such a strategy.

If President Park is an election must be held to elect a new president within 60 days thereafter if you voluntarily resign.

But if the night if the President continues travertine, send a quiet time in the presidential duties until after the impeachment vote, as now been stopped out the final ruling of the Constitutional Court President Park will be able to regain a little strength (political) party in the coming months and this can leave the drama to unfold in the political arena at the same time.

If the ruling is that you can continue to maintain power.

Political life of the President hajimanyo night will be finished.

In my opinion it looks as line appearances also prevents the situation happened to receive now President Park this survey (as impeachment vote).

of course.

Try night so that the President can make the time.

What do you think about Korea's political system? It's up to how you Iook at South Korea's political system.

President Park President is caught up in corruption scandals during the fifth president of the Korea so far.

It is an impeachment vote in parliament is not the first time.

In March 2004, the impeachment of President Roh Moo-hyun at the time of the vote went over to the Constitutional Court.

However, there are precedents that impeachment sochuan final decision is then returned to 'dismissal' in court.

South Korea has already experienced a similar situation bar.

In Korea, a situation heightened the anger about the secret relationship between the political elite and elite enterprises.

So we demand that growing need to clean up the political system to the stricken Scene adhesion.

But look at the other side of the country to open a few weeks in Seoul and other cities last candlelight vigil was a very peaceful demonstration.

People arrested during demonstrations or injured there was not even a single one.

Demonstrations of the past few weeks is led by passionate people with a high level of education is high level of participation of voters Korea have.

This peaceful protest is one aspect that other countries, particularly democracies are yearning.

Parliament today gave the example of the people's voice raised over the last few weeks the protests.

Even many of the president's ruling party lawmaker night saenuri number of throws voted for the impeachment.

Parliamentarians were hers reflection on whether you want to hear what people have voted.

Look in that regard Korea can evaluate it (the political system) very successful.


The public and the voters of South Korea is also very high, I'm involved.

But President Confident night personally greet the tragic loss as a result of that honor impeachment vote.

Some older women have passed the impeachment news from the streets of South Korea was a day will cry.

Ulmeokyineun night so people are those who think that the President devoted his entire life to his birth country of modern Korea.

The night the president of the parents were all assassinated.

And in the case of former President Park Chung-hee Park Geun-hye President of South Korea it is regarded as a father figure which was created to become a local contemporary democracies.

President Park Geun-hye has not even live in has never been married female child.

President Park was also accentuated even while away from the relationship with his brother is not seen as a good look succumbed to political pressure.

In retrospect, of course, come now, brother, but unlike Away (putting up a friend choesunsil) appear to be gone in a direction unfavorable results.

But actually that night also views the president devoted his life to politics Korea.

So many people are in the corner and thought the impeachment vote per night Private sad news indeed for the president.

Meanwhile, President watneyo night while doing a very isolated.

Celia haeteun Thank you, Mr.

commentary today.

If you go to the BBC News website you can view the detailed news about another political scandal in South Korea.


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