Bird Flu H7N9: Just Another Shanghai Disaster | China Uncensored

bjbj,(,( First Dead Pigs, Now Angry (Plague-Ridden)Birds Visit Beautiful Shanghai! Hello and welcome to China Uncensored, I m your hostand visionary shaman, Chris Chappell.

The gods are angry! At least, you d be forgivenfor believing that if you re, say, a Chinese villager who lives somewhere near Shanghai.

First, tens of thousands of local pigs died and fell into the Huangpu River under mysteriouscircumstances.

Then, you start hearing about new cases of the dreaded bird flu, strikingdead four people in the region and two nearby.

But for sophisticated, middle class urbantypes, it s a godsend Shanghai s finally catching up in the rankings for top cities facing imminentapocalyptic disaster! After all, for years Asia biggest and most prosperous city wasTokyo, where the city s most popular form of recreation is watching itself be crushedby space moths or decimated by bioengineered pseudo-mystical cyborgs that are trying toobliterate mankind.

Or something like that.

That one went a little over my head, to behonest.

Anyway, in comparison, a river full of pork and a new strain of deadly super influenzaseem almost mediocre.

But China s authorities don t seem to mind, they ve reported on bothstories, without even seeming to try for a massive cover-up.

The news coverage was alittle slow, and it lagged behind public reporting on Weibo and other websites, but still; thenews actually reported something big, bad and dangerous happening in China.

That s likeRussian news agencies reporting that Vladimir Putin throws like a girl.

Of course, it sworth looking at some historical context.

When the crisis over SARS hit in late 2002,news was relentlessly suppressed until so many had been infected that it would havebeen very hard not to acknowledge the problem.

Eventually, thousands caught the disease andhundreds died, and the failed cover-up gave the Chinese regime a major publicity blackeye.

This television station was one of the very few media that initially broke news ofthe SARS crisis.

Now Chinese citizens using Weibo and similar tools are also able to pushofficial media into reporting on some stories but only the facts that they absolutely haveto.

But when it comes to problems that no one has publicized online, or that are totallycensored from the Internet, there s still no guarantee the Communist Party will evenacknowledge their existence.

For instance, are there any unknown bird flu cases besidesthose already reported? Did those pigs communicate any diseases to humans? Who knows! So forShanghai residents, the best way to stay safe might be to keep your cell-phone handy, takepictures of any weird animal corpses you come across, and try to get them online beforethe black vans show up.

As for those outside China, why should we care about a few censoredepidemics here and there? After all, Shanghai s so far away, and germs are really, reallysmall it seems VERY unlikely that they could travel all the way to somewhere I d be affected.

Well, that s it for today! Hate to run, but I ve got to get to the arrivals terminal atJFK airport.

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