China theme in the debate Trump – Clinton | WORLD DAILY NEWS

China has become an indispensable subjectof the first debate of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and subject to the most controversialpresidential candidates compared to the previous elections in the US.

In the first debate live on American televisionat 26.

9 days, not long after the Republican candidate section Trump began his talk, hementioned China with strong attack, said that the main Beijing's policy has caused disasterfor America's economy.

"Look at what China is doing to the country,the product of our goods, they devalue and no one in the US government against them.

Theyare using us as a pig land for construction in China, and many other countries also dothe same thing, "Trump said candidate.

While the use of the word "China" is limitedin the debates of the candidates before the term relates only to trade, then during thedebate Trump – Clinton took place this morning 27.

9 hourly Vietnam , the word "China" wasextended to the network security issues, terrorism and nuclear threats.

Both candidates Trump and Clinton have mentioned China 12 times on the topics of trade, internet,Iran, North Korea, as well as the infrastructure of the United States, according to the SouthChina Morning Post.

2012 in the first debate between Barack Obamaand Mitt Romney, the word "China" is mentioned only 3 times but is in the section of Romney,Obama also did not mention the word "China" brain.

Also in 2008 the debate between Obama andJohn McCain, the Chinese are the candidates mentioned 5 times as America's creditors andpotential partners to impose sanctions against Iran.

Trump accused China of unfair trade and steal American jobs.

"Our nation is in trouble andwe do not know what you're doing when (China) to the dumping and what they are doing forus is very bad," Mr.

Trump said.

Meanwhile, Clinton mentioned China three times.

Pledged tough for personal attacks directed at the US China, she said: "Compared withRussia, China, Iran, or any other country, the US has surpassed several levels.

and wewill not sit back and allow them to take away our information.

"In tackling climate change, Clinton said: "Donald Trump think climate change is a hoaxby the Chinese cause.

" "No, I did not say that," Mr.

Trump response.

However, not all the issues that both candidates mentioned China are negative.

Trump praisedthe airports of China to demonstrate the lag in infrastructure in the US.

Meanwhile, Clinton proved a more conservativeoffensive in China in the first debate, this does not mean she does not see China as America'sproblem.

Trump-Clinton debate community in China wasof particular concern.

While some angry comments about the Chinese candidates, many othershappy to see China play a major role in American elections.

"China's great that we are affecting the US election.

I feel proud of this," a Weibo usernamed Yuhanxuange comment, according to Global Times.

"It shows China's supremacy can notbe ignored", Huamuxiaoyang, a intertet other users, comment.