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bjbj,(,( On this episode of China Uncensored,why is the US giving free money to China? Logo Hi, welcome to China Uncensored, I myour host Chris Chappell.

China is the world s fastest growing economy, the second largestconsumer of energy, maintains the largest standing army and holds about 1.

2 trilliondollars of American debt.

So you got to wonder why the US feels China needs a hand out.

Everyyear, the United States gives millions of dollars in aid to China.

That s even whenthe wealthiest 70 delegates of China s National People s congress are worth 89 billion dollars,that s more than 11 times the net worth of the entire US Congress! The Chinese regimelikes to walk the line to between economic powerhouse and suffering developing nation,depending on which is to its benefit at the time.

So this is the image China likes toproject most of the time.

Economically strong, robust, a developed nation equal to any countryon earth.

Capable of embarking on large-scale infrastructure works, that occasional collapseor crash and kill thousands, and a support to developing nations around the world.

Likein 2011, when China donated 23 school buses to the tiny European country of Macedonia.

Sure, the countries per capita GDP are basically the same and sure Macedonia spends more ofit s GDP on education than China, and sure it happened just nine days after a schoolbus in China crashed and killed 19 preschoolers, but you know, as long as China have foreignaid buying their school buses, they can afford to give.

And shaft their own people on educationfunding.

So this is the China the Chinese Regime likes to publicize.

But then theres this China.

The rural China, basically everything west of the major costal cities.

Though evensome parts of those cities don t seem too be doing too well either.

So because the Chinesegovernment is horribly corrupt and mismanaged, the gap between the rich and poor is fairlystark.

But the Chinese regime uses that to its advantage, because you get all kinds ofperks as a developing nation.

Between 2001 and 2011, the United States gave China $310million dollars in aid money.

Actually many countries do.

Canada gave China 30 millionbetween 2010 and 2011.

And that s in real money, not Canadian money.

Now, officiallythis money is used to quote, promote human rights, democracy, the rule of law, and environmentalconservation in China and Tibet and to support Tibetan livelihoods and culture.

Yeah, thats working out.

So the Chinese regime is fine taking free international money, while itcan afford to invest billions of dollars in Africa, but not a penny for these guys.

Chinas status as a developing nation also means concessions on international protocols.

Forexample, the Kyoto treaty.

It s supposed to regulate green house emissions and prevent,you know, total world destruction, but China is exempt because it s a developing nation.

So because China can burn as much coal as it wants, they ve become the largest coalconsumer on Earth.

Of all the coal burned in a year around the world, 47% is burnedin China.

Think about it, that means they burn almost as much coal as the rest of theworld combined.

And it s because they don t have to follow any international regulation.

Because, you know, they re a developing nation.

Now, this is making a lot of people, kindof, oh, what s the word, a bit peeved that their countries are just giving money to China.

That s why Canada has said they ll be cutting off direct aid to China by 2015.

But so whatdo you think? Should the US do the same? Email me at china uncensored at ntdtv.

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Once again I m Chris Chappell, see you next time.

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