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bjbj,(,( Chinese Admiral Discovers Weak Pointof US Military Hi, welcome to China Uncensored, I m your host, Chris Chappell.

The US militarypivot to the Asia Pacific region is undone.

Stability in the region will deteriorate andNorth Korea will rain nuclear fire up on all.

And it s all because of the plucky wit ofone intrepid Chinese Admiral.

The US is about to deploy the new Zumwalt-class destroyerin the Pacific, a three and a half billion dollar, 15,000 ton vessel of death equippedwith the latest stealth technology and high powered electromagnetic rail guns.

But muchlike Superman has his kryptonite, the Zumwalt has a weakness its designers never could haveimagined.

Chinese fisherman.

That s right, according to Admiral Zhang Zhaozhong, thechief weapons specialist and strategist for the Chinese navy, all he has to do is sendout fishing boats, wobbly in the water, inching toward the Zumwalt, place the explosives ontoits hulls [and] blow many holes in the hull.

It will be finished then.

The Zumwalt is nogood! But, but what about submarines?! I mean, those are underwater! Looks like the US isone step ahead of you Admiral Zhang.

Not to fast.

Zhang has a plan for that too.

You see,seaweed is the one challenge the US never imagined a submarine in the ocean would everencounter.

The Yellow Sea is too shallow.

So as Zhang, again the chief weapons specialistin China, says, they can lay out ropes of seaweed that will get caught in the propellers.

Then they won t be able to move.

I wonder what he ll suggest to stop fighter jets.

AdmiralZhang has become known for his admirable, but often wrong optimistic predictions.

In2003 he said the US would never attack Saddam Hussein.

The next day they did.

He said Libyanrebels would never find Moammar Gadhafi s hiding place, just a few hours before theyfound and killed him.

When North Korea was preparing to launch a rocket last year, hesaid they had an 80% chance of success.

It exploded moments after launch.

Man, I m gladI don t live in a country that makes ridiculous military predictions that are instantly disproven.

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