Guess What’s Washing Up in Chinese Rivers Now? | China Uncensored

bjbj,(,( On this episode of China Uncensored,Guess what s washing up in Chinese Rivers Now? Hi, welcome to China Uncensored, I myour host Chris Chappell.

Okay, this is not funny anymore.

When 6000 dead pigs washedup in Shanghai s drinking water, and the idiot authorities said it was still fine to drink,that was already a bad joke.

When that number shot up to 16,000, it just stopped being funny.

Then, then they had to find a thousand dead ducks in another river, along with a few hundredmore pigs.

And the water was still safe to drink.

I, I don t think these authoritiesunderstand what it means for water to be safe to drink.

Maybe they just mean it s politicallysafe to drink the water, like they won t get arrested for it.

But come on, seriously! Dothey have to start finding human corpses before they say the water isn t safe to drink? Ofcourse that s ridiculous.

If you ve been watching China Uncensored, you d know, of course, ofcourse human corpses have been washing up by the hundreds for decades.

Recently, authoritiesin Lanzhou City in Gansu Province said they find about 100 bodies every year in theirpart of the Yellow River.

That s probably a gross underestimation however.

Though, reallythe truth is even grosser.

The Gansu Province has become home to a booming business calledbody fishing.

A body fisher is someone who combs the river looking for corpses.

Theyleave the bodies floating in the water to preserve them and then charge the familiesabout 500 dollars to take a look at their deceased loved ones.

In this report from 2010,just one body fisher said he finds about 100 corpses a year, so yeah, there s more than100 corpses a year turning up.

Of course, according to Lanzhou s environmental official,even though there s hundreds of decomposing corpses, it s had no effect on the qualityof water.

Okay, come on.

If hundreds of dead bodies doesn t affect water quality what does?!Unless, maybe the water quality is already so bad, what they re saying is it just cant get any worse.

And they say don drink the water when you go to Mexico.

Come to thinkof it, how many of you have been to China and had a glass of water or tea? Of course,the other unpleasant question this whole thing raises is, why are there hundreds of corpsesin China s rivers? You d think, you know, police might want to fish out the bodies andI don t know, investigate.

Authorities say most of the victims drowned or died in accidents,but, well, I think we ve established how credible Chinese authorities are.

The body fisherssay most of the corpses look like suicides or murders, but that obviously can t be.

Whyjust in February China s Ministry of Public Security (LINK) reported that China s murderrate was nearly the lowest in the world, and what few homicide cases there were get solved,so there s no way these hundreds of unidentified dead bodies could be unsolved murder cases.

There s no way.

So, what do you think will be the next thing they find washing up inChina s rivers? Comment below and let me know what you think.

Thanks for watching this episodeof China Uncensored.

Once again I m Chris Chappell, see you next time.

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