How to Look Good in Skype Interviews – Tips & Training

So, you're going to be interviewed overSkype.

And you want to look better than this.

Well, here are four easy keys you can applyto look good in Skype interviews.

Key 1: Sound Having good sound is just as important ashaving good video.

Basically, the more stuff that's in theroom to deflect the sound, the less echo.

And make sure there's no loud noises inthe background.

Loud office conversations, construction, an air conditioner—these willmake your interview painful to listen to.

Key 2: Location Create a good background.

This one is notgood.

It makes me look like a total slob.

This one is too distracting.

What's thatguy doing back there? And this one.

Just make sure you don't have anything embarrassingin the background.

Keep it neat and simple.

A white wall is usuallytoo plain, so I set up a bookshelf like this.

You can also use a houseplant, a lampshade,a piece of art, etc.

If you're at the office, you can set up a clean desk with a computerin the background.

Now you're probably using a laptop witha built-in camera or a webcam like this.

Notice how the camera is actually several inchesbelow my eyes.

So when you're looking through the camera, if you angle it at your face,it shows the ceiling.

So you want to stack it up on a box like this.

Basically, you want the camera at eye-level,because this is the way people are used to seeing you.

And you want to be a little more than arm'slength away from the camera—so you're about this size in the frame.

And you wantyour eyes to be about two-thirds of the way of the way to the top.

Key 3: Lighting Good lighting makes a huge difference.

Professional lighting uses four light sources.

But you really only need one.

If it's daytime, you can just use a window.

If it's too bright, pull the shades.

You need the window to be pretty much in frontof you—not to the side or behind.

Wow, I think I've found the worst interviewsetup ever.

If it's nighttime or there's no windownearby, grab a lamp.

Don't use overhead lighting like this.

Itmakes you look terrible.

And definitely don't light yourself from below, unless you'retelling scary campfire stories.

What you want is a lamp in front of you, like this one,with the light slightly above the height of your eyes while you're sitting down.

Of coursethis one is great because I can adjust the levels, but pretty much any lamp will do.

If it's too bright, try moving it back.

It it's too dim, just move it a little closer.

Key 4: You Now that everything else is set up, make sureyou look good.

Dress appropriately.

At least on top.

You might want to wear makeup—yeah, evensome men do it.

And don't look down at the computer screenwhile being interviewed—look directly at the camera.

Now, this might feel a littleweird to you at first, but to the people watching, it looks like you're looking directly atthem, which is good.

And try not to move around.

Even just a fewinches back and forth can be really distracting.

So to recap:Find a quiet place without distracting sounds.

Set up a good backgroundSet your camera at eye level arm's length away.

Make sure you have good lighting And make sure you look good Now, I've put all this into a checklistfor you, and you can find it in the link below the video.

That's it! Good night, and good luck.

By the way, I'd love to hear about yourexperience being interviewed by Skype, or what you think about this video.

So pleaseleave your comments down below.