Những chiếc gương mang lại ánh sáng cho thị trấn

Three giant mirror was built in the mountainside above the town of Rjukan in Norway industry, to bring sunlight to the residential area known for winter is always dark.

Three mirror is mounted on a high cliff about 457 meters above the Rjukan markets, with a total area of ​​51 square meters, and will be operated on Wednesday, 30.


They are designed to catch the sun and reflected light to Rjukan form ellipse area of ​​about 600 square meters.

Light rays reflected brightness from 80 to 100% compared to natural light.

The mirror is moved on two axes in a program can be programmed to catch the sun at all times of the year.

Martin Andersen local artists who gave this idea, calling it "a healthy project to promote prosperity.

" Rjukan from the capital town of about 175 kilometers and Oslo is located along the bottom of a narrow valley.

During the winter from September to March, the town has a population of 3,000 people are completely dark.

Oystein Haugan, project manager at the sun face Tinn municipality and also the person responsible for developing the project, was very confident that this project will make a significant difference.

The pick-up in the winter sun is very important, but in the town, we do not have the sun during the winter months and six people here are keen to have the light.

We used to build the cable car to take people up the mountain but now welcome our sun has turned the idea of ​​a hundred years ago to become a reality.

We use mirrors to reflect sunlight down to the city.

Sounds crazy but funny, and I think people will like it The idea was launched long ago, in 1913, by a worker at the local factory.

A local industrialists have considered this idea, but he finally chose cable because it can take people up the mountain sunshine to the lack of natural light pickup.

Cable cars are still used, but local authorities hope their new role models will attract more visitors, which can keep people and brings a lesson in activist mentality pole.