One year in SYRIA , RUSSIA is what ? | WORLD DAILY NEWS

After a year participate in military operationsin Syria, Russia has demonstrated its military power and prestige of Russia in the internationalarena.

Exactly one year ago, President Bashar Assadhas "shake hands" with Russia and asked Russia to help fight terrorists IS.

President Putinhas asked the Russian Federation Council (upper house of the Federal Parliament) quickly allowsthe use of its armed forces abroad and also immediately receive consensus from the UnionCouncil ice.

From that moment the official start of Russian military operations in Syria.

This sensational news immediately appear throughoutthe newspaper world.

Military commentators said that this job is the same as Russia'shelp in Afghanistan, Vietnam and neighboring Iraq.

However, at this time the financialposition of Russia is in a crisis due to the impact of sanctions from the US and the West,so many people doubt the main aim of this military campaign.

And most military analystsas well as the US and the West have said that Russia would be "bogged down" in Syria.

However, until the present time it can besaid Russia had achieved its purpose part.

There is no official information confirmingthe purpose of participating in the military campaign of the Russian Syria, but some analystshave said that participation in this activity carries political purposes, is the basis forRussia out of the crisis, or maybe this is the place to Russia tested new weapons aswell as "destroyed" a large amount of weapons has expired and can use both.

So far the participation of military operationsin Syria are the experts evaluated the success of Putin.

And to achieve this result Russiahas spent what? Professionals, military commentators estimatethat Russia should consume each day about 2.

5 million to 4 million so operating costsfor a year in Syria maximum 1.

46 billion.

Some experts analyzed that, 1.

46 billion figuremay be larger, but this campaign in Russia obtained no less.

They pointed out that thecost of the Russian Defense Ministry into the military operations in Syria almost equalthe cost for regular military training, weapons testing, maintenance and preservation of equipment.

so instead of Russia participated in this campaign apart from almost no money to Russiaand the training and practical combat experience, especially "flaunt" their weapons, and accordingto statistics from the join this campaign of Russian weapons contracts increased significantly.

But to start military operations in Syria,the Russian fleet had to purchase some transport ships (currently engaged in a campaign "forSyria Train Express"), naval and amphibious ships Tankers.

The Russian cargo ship forSyria always be checked and monitored closely, especially Turkey.

Even Turkey once the goodsconfiscated by Russian troops.

Especially during military operations in Syriaworst is the loss.

A plane was shot down by the Turks, and three helicopters.

And mostimportantly, have 19 soldiers were sacrificed.

Only a month ago, President Putin said: "Ourfighters on Syrian territory that certainly the fight against terrorism, but not onlythat.

They protect the interests of the Russian people and the Russian people, they are allheroes.

They died for their national interests, ethnicity.

I am proud of them.

" So overall terms, in addition to human damageis irreparable, military operations in Syria gives Russia new position, new developmentshelped Russia get rid of the crisis because of sanctions, and prove to the whole worldsaw their military strength.