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bjbj,(,( On this episode of China Uncensored,Hit and Run Hi, welcome to China Uncensored, I m your host, Chris Chappell.

In my recentepisode, China declares war on the Chinese people, I said that China s vast array ofstandard, secret, and military police officially get more money than the Chinese military.

So rather than existing to protect and serve the Chinese people, the police in China arean extension of the Chinese Communist Party and function more as a means of making themobey the Party.

Here s an example.

I hope they see that ped.


And the police driveoff.

There s no word on whether or not the pedestrian survived, but if they did, I msure they ll rest comfortably knowing that China s police are absolutely dedicated tofighting crime, and they ll crush anyone in their way to do so.

So yeah, the police suck,but I mean, the driver of this car didn t stop either.

Come on, where s the love foryour fellow man? Actually, this is a problem in China, something contemporary Chinese socialcritics have been pointing out for years, that while China has developed materially,it s come at the cost of its spiritual civilization.

It reminds me of a similar thing from 2011.

Yueyue was only two years old when.

Well, we don t need to see that.

But get this.

Overthe next ten minutes, 18 people walk past without doing a thing to help, before ultimately,she s run over by another van.

She died two weeks later from her injuries.

It was a hugestory in China.

The China Youth Daily, the official Communist Party paper for youth,did a survey and 88% of respondents said Yueyue died because of growing apathy in China towardother people.

Amazingly, another 71% thought all those people just walked by Yueyue becausethey were afraid of getting in trouble themselves.

That s because good Samaritans in China oftenfind themselves getting blamed for the crime.

The most famous example is from 2006, whena 65 year old woman fell while exiting a bus.

While others passed by, a 26 year old studentnamed Peng Yu stopped, helped her to a hospital and even paid part of the bill.

The woman,of modest means, thanked Peng by suing him for 7,000 dollars, saying he pushed her.

Thecase went to court and the judge famously said it was common sense that the only reasonsomeone would help another person was if they had a guilty conscience, and ruled againstPeng.

That s proved a grim lesson.

In 2009, a 75 year old man also fell after disembarkinga bus.

No one dared touch him until he shouted it s nobody s fault.

I fell by myself.

Theneveryone nearby helped him out.

But here s the kicker.

Six years after the Peng Yu caseenraged the country, some newly disclosed documents from the trial that hadn t beenmade public came to light.

Apparenlty, Peng confessed to pushing the old woman, then solicitedlocal media and online forum moderators to paint him as a martyr.

On top of that Pengand the 65 year old grannie were in cahoots, and they had already agreed to a financialsettlement.

And on top of that, law enforcement officials had testimony and evidence thatPeng knocked the old woman down, and didn t say anything.

So for years people have beenafraid of helping each other because of this crazy lawsuit case that was a total sham.

That s just.

That s, I can t even really wrap my head around that one.

Which kind of begsthe question, if that whole thing hadn t happened, would someone have helped Yueyue? So whatdo you make of all this? I mean, it seems to me like people in China want to help eachother, but they ve been made too afraid to do anything.

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Thanks for watching,I m Chris Chappell.

See you next time.


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