Sure there are terrorist, known oan wash pump US weapons | WORLD DAILY NEWS

The US State Department voiced US allegedterrorism financing and said that Al-Nursa US allies can do this.

statement from the US State Department concerningallegations from former German politicians interviewed Abu Al-Ezz character group Jabhatal-Nusra terrorists said the US and Germany have issued weapons, TOW missiles for them.

Accordingly, the US State Department declared:"Al-Nusra Front is a terrorist group and the United States will never give them any aidstuff yet.

" "That is complete nonsense," a spokesman forthe US State Department Mark Toner told reporters at a press conference Monday.

"Anything otherperson says is not true.

" Mr.

Toner then went on to explain that therebel group on a terrorist organization designated by foreign countries for interviews.

Also during the press conference, when askedwhy the US could not persuade the "moderate opposition" in Syria itself separate themfrom the terrorist group Al-Nursa, Mr.

Toner answer, it is the responsibility of the rebelsand for that, they will need to have a cease-fire in the seven days to do so.

Spokesman for the US State Department saidthat if the Syrian government continues to insist on the military option, then "thereis not a US- people- would support opposition groups differ in Syria" and that will leadto escalation.

Russian terrorist group, the US and the UnitedNations Al-Nusra has admitted receiving funding from Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait, also received tanksand artillery from Libya via Turkey, according to what the military commanders, Al-Ezz toldGerman newspaper.

This group especially appreciated the TOW anti-tank missiles of the US offer.

The Al-Nusra terrorist groups receiving externalaid have been submitted by the Russian ambassador to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, at the specialsession of the UN Security Council on Sunday.

"They are equipped with tanks, armored vehicles,field artillery, rocket launchers.

All of this has been received by them and stillbeing shipped to them by Western advocates generous, with the United States, perhaps,turn a blind eye, "Churkin said.

"We must look at the evidence that there isa legitimate desire in the separation of US- allied rebel group Al-Nusra Front from thegroup, then Al-Nusra Front to destroy the opposition and brought into the process Tri.

If our suspicion is correct, then clearlyit is only intended to shield Al-Nusra Front group and will only make them grow stronger,"the Russian envoy added, referring to cease shoot an agreement between Moscow and Washingtonhave collapsed last week.

Earlier in the day, US special envoy to theUN called Russia's actions in Syria as "barbaric", hypocrisy and spokesman Russian Foreign Ministryhas responded angrily.

"The world has seen nothing more barbaricin modern history than what the US has done in Iraq, Libya Coffee ', a spokesman for theRussian Foreign Ministry said Maria Zakharov.

US envoy to the UN, Samantha Power has previouslyaccused Moscow as civilians in Aleppo killed in the collapse of the ceasefire agreementof the US-Russia talks: "What Russia is funding and do not is counterterrorism that is barbaric.

" Allegations about US intervention in the MiddleEast especially intervene in terrorist forces here, but not the first time what is considered to be "shaken" this time really was not enough evidence as Russiahas accused US concealment for Turkey's oil purchases IS.

Since December last year, the Russian DefenseMinistry has officially launched the picture is evidence that the US is able to know theTurkish terrorist illegally purchasing IS.

Major General Igor Konashenkov, a spokesmanfor the Russian Defense Ministry said: "Our colleagues from the US State Department andthe Pentagon insisted on photographic proof that we have presented at a recent meeting, display of illegal oil trafficking routes from areas controlled by the terrorists isauthentic.

When US officials say they do not know theterrorists smuggling oil to Turkey in any way.

it shows the intention of coveringup these behaviors.

They should see the video taken by the unmannedaerial vehicle by them, more recently 3 times, back in the border area and the Turkish-Syrianoil fields.